Expert Tips & Tricks For The Kitchen

Expert Tips & Tricks For The Kitchen

Rid Yourself of Fruit Flies

During the summer, you can find some of the best fruit. Peaches and strawberries aren't just delicious to humans - fruit flies love them too! We have probably all dealt with them at some point in our lives. Now, thanks to this simple trick, you can say goodbye to fruit flies for good.

Microwave Cleaning

When you need to heat up leftovers, microwaves are a blessing. As a result, disgusting, dried food particles build up on the inside and it can pose a health risk to keep using the microwave at this point. If only cleaning it wasn't so difficult... With this magical technique, it's not! Using this simple trick, you can remove all the dirt in one motion.

Grow your own greens with a kitchen waste garden

Nothing compares to growing your own fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you know exactly where they come from, they contain no pesticides, everything is organic and local - not to mention their taste! You don't need a garden or seeds to enjoy the crunchiest, freshest greens. If you don't have soil and a plant pot, at least you have the key ingredients right there on the cutting board. How to turn kitchen waste into a continuous supply of fresh produce!

Peel potatoes easily

The worst part of eating potatoes is definitely all the peeling involved, especially if you're making a huge batch of mashed potatoes for a family gathering. Peeling that many potatoes takes forever and leaves your hand sore as a dog. Get rid of all that nonsense with this simple trick: plunge your cooked potatoes into a bowl of ice water, wait 15 seconds, and then effortlessly rub off the potato skins
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