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Cute Multifunction Metal Juicer

Cute Multifunction Metal Juicer

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Product Description:

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- Masticating juicer comes with a fine strainer, coarse strainers, and ice cream strainer. The fine strainer is great for making pulp-free juice or silky milk; The coarse strainer will give you the perfectly pulpy juice. The texture is great for making soups or baby solids as well!

  • Versatile press juicer extractor: It can juice almost anything with 3 different filters. Fineness Filter for spinach, kale, wheatgrass, chard, beet, carrot, orange, green leafy vegetables. Coarse Filter for jam likes strawberries, apples, or pineapples. Sorbet Filter make some fruits sorbets.

  • Quiet juicer machine: The motor is quiet, has better noise control. It runs less than 50 decibels, can't disturb your neighborhoods. Small components best for your daily use, not take much kitchen countertop. Just enjoy a quiet and comfortable life while squeezing juice.

  • Healthy and fresh juice: Low 80 rpm motor best retains the nutritional value of the fruits, veggies, and greens. Its slow speed introduces very little heat into the juice. As a result, you can store the fresh juice for up to 48 hours, without losing any of the nutritional value.

  • Easy to use and clean: It's easy to remove the juicing bowl and mix the different juices. With the drip-free design, there are fewer juices spilled out from the juice bowl. All detachable parts are easy to clean with a brush.
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