These Genius Tips Will Help You Take Better Photos

These Genius Tips Will Help You Take Better Photos

Fill up your frame

Too often, people try to put too much content into their pictures, and the eye doesn't know where to go. To create more interesting, focused shots, crop your shots tightly and fill the frame. Keep the focus on your subject by removing extraneous or distracting stuff from your photographs. Less is more.

When taking a picture, most cameras display a grid. Turn it on in the camera's settings.

Discover a unique perspective

How often do you gravitate to the same pretty scene as everyone else with a camera? Most of the time, however, you'll get better shots off the beaten path.

You may not always be able to do this, but you can always make adjustments from obvious locations. By taking multiple shots and varying your camera settings, you can bracket your shots. Try under-exposures and over-exposures. Minor adjustments can add interest to mundane photos.

Change the perspective by getting high or low in the sightline, too. This can be tons of fun!

Photograph people to show scale

Do you have any photos of the sunset on your phone? It's likely most don't include people. By including people in your photos, you can transform a blah photo into an interesting one.

Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try holding your phone up high.

You should never leave a shooting location until you are satisfied with the results

Nothing is worse than looking back through photos from an important event or special location and realizing you missed the shot you wanted. You shouldn't leave wondering, “What if I had done this or that?””””

Be sure to take enough photos at any given location so you leave with at least a few photos that you'll enjoy looking back on or sharing. Try to capture emotions as much as possible.

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